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2015 St. Innocent
“MomtaziVineyard” Pinot Noir:

Owner Mark Vlossak’s interest in wine began with a fascination for Champagne. He searched for a location that was ideally suited for the grapes of Champagne, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, settling in Salem,
Oregon in 1988. This vineyard is located at the highest peak of a hilltop between two ridges, and is closest to the cooling influences of the Van Duzer Corridor. This low-yielding 8.2-acre site produces small berries with thick skins. The resulting creation is a wine with a dark fleshy color, intense aromatic spices and rich savory overtones. There are plentiful black fruits and complexity at every turn that is is delicately balanced with acidity. Mark describes this as his “umami wine.”

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