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2017 Beaulieu Vineyards

With a century of winemaking, Beaulieu Vineyards stands as one of Napa’s iconic wineries. Wine writers have repeatedly said that few wineries have had such a critical role as Beaulieu Vineyard in the history American Winemaking. Beaulieu Vineyard is one of the longest continually operating wineries in Napa Valley. According to the current director of winemaking, Trevor Durling, “we use traditional winemaking methods paired with the utilization of modern technology to maximize wine quality.” He continues “exceptional vineyards, wine quality and history are all tremendous assets that we hold dear at Beaulieu Vineyard today, and these things will also help to ensure our success into the future.” This holds true, as the quality of the BV’s wines in recent years have been extraordinary.

My experience with the Beaulieu Vineyard Tapestry Reserve dates to the mid- 90’s. Since my first glass, I have always been a fan of this wine, the artistry of their blending and the complexity from the use of classic Bordeaux varietals. The color is almost opaque with dark purple edges is the glass. Within are aromas of black plum, crème de cassis, savory herbs, dust, and a hint of graphite. There is a creamy texture showcasing black cherry, cola, and a slight hazelnut overtone. The tannins have been tamed likely by the amount of Merlot (11%) added in this vintage, giving it a silkiness on the palate. There is enough acidity to give The Tapestry Reserve a long caressing finish. There is an unmistakable pedigree in the wines of Beaulieu Vineyards.

By Perry Miroballi

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