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2018 Archery Summit "Eola-Amity Hills" Chardonnay

Gary Andrus launched Archery Summit in 1993, infatuated by Pinot Noir and the capacity the Willamette Valley seemed to have for it. The Dundee Hills caught his eye, because it shares similar growing conditions with Burgundy, France, and some of the most acclaimed Pinot Noir vineyards on earth. Gary passed in 2009.

Ian Burch, winemaker at Archery Summit, has had stints abroad, in particular Burgundy, where it instilled in him the appreciation for cool-climate winemaking.

In the glass the color is a medium shade of golden straw. The aromatics show countless entry points of this fragrant and enticing wine. The Archery Summit Chardonnay is made with a touch of new French Oak which gives this wine elegance and sophistication from zesty lime to peppercorn, yellow pineapple hints of hay, almond, and a whiff of chalk. The palate is tremendously bright. It feels polished and balanced with creamy textures. It continues with a second act of alluring flavors, offering tart tropical notes with a whiff honey. The bright acidity combined with minerality give this Chardonnay a long and beautiful finish. The wine represents an attractive new era for the varietal.
By Perry Miroballi

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