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Meet the Team

W. Peter Hoyne

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Don Clemens


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W. Peter Hoyne is a well-known Chicago-based wine columnist who has written columns for the Chicago Sun-Times and its affiliates for over 35 years. He began his career writing for Elite lifestyle magazines and Chicago’s suburban newspapers before advancing to the Chicago Sun-Times. As a senior wine columnist, he has a broad focus covering meaningful national and international stories about wine and travel destinations.

As a Chicago native he is always aware of what is happening in wine and food within the third largest city. While his professional relationships in the wine industry have allowed him to share a unique perspective of wine, he is also intrigued by the culinary aspect and harmony that exist between wine and food. He thrives on knowing the intimate stories of the families behind the labels, because “if you know the people, it is easy to understand the wine.” As a lecturer, he is committed to consumer wine education while focusing on discovering the emerging trends and American wine-buying habits. He believes “long-standing relationships have always been forged through wine, as it is the common thread that brings people closer together.“ You can reach him at


Amy Lively Jensen



Amy Lively Jensen is a writer, public relations expert and professor. She is the president of Lively Communications, a marketing and public relations firm in Chicago, Illinois. She has written monthly newspaper columns and numerous lifestyle and travel articles; hosted weekly radio shows; delivered keynote speeches at conferences; written and executed successful marketing and public relations plans and published two books. Additionally, Ms. Jensen has been honored with numerous state and national awards for excellence for her unique communications programs. With her background in teaching, she also conducts monthly tastings and classes on wines from around the world.


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Don Clemens has built an exceptional 47 year career in the wine industry. He was Vice President of Marketing at William Hill Winery in the Napa Valley, California. He has also worked for such iconic companies as Roederer Champagne, Charles Krug and Vintage Wine Merchants (Chateau St. Jean, Chateau Montelena and others). As Director of Wine Education and Wine Ambassador for Terlato Wines International for 13 years, Don shared his love of great wines with sales professionals and consumers. He has written and produced yearly 100-page comprehensive reference publications. He has substantial public speaking experience with audiences of up to 1000 people; in presentations he strives to make the history of wine as interesting and memorable as its taste.

Because of his extensive travel to vineyards and wineries around the world, plus his vast knowledge of wines, he has earned an outstanding reputation in the wine community. Don has an insatiable curiosity about wines and would be happy to hear your comments and questions at:

Perry Miroballi

Perry Miroballi experience in wine spans three decades.  He is a Chicago native and a highly respected business owner in Illinois and Indiana.  He has traveled to Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Greece and throughout the California wine country. Each destination has expanded his worldly knowledge of wine and its unique culture.  Perry is of Italian descent and has lasting memories of making homemade wine with his father.  The roots run deep into his family’s wine culture, which began at an early age. To this day his family still grows grapes and produces wines in the Puglia region of Southeast Italy.  That gives Perry a deep emotional connection to wine that he relishes with each new adventure.  This shows in his writings and sharing of his personal experiences. There is always a bit of humor and sheer joy in new discoveries.  “Some of my most treasured life experiences come from meeting people in the wine industry.  The amazing journey continues with each new bottle, the stories behind it, and every passionate person we meet in this wonderful community.”  You can reach him at

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