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2012 Champagne Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose´

In the 1800’s, Madame Clicquot perfected many innovations in the production of Champagne and was referred to as the “Grande Dame of Champagne.” Veuve Clicquot remains the number one selling Champagne in the US market.

Composed of 50 to 60 different cru vineyards, the cuvee is based on a traditional blend of 50-55 % Pinot Noir providing structure, 28-33 % of Chardonnay for elegance and 15-20% of Pinot Meunier to round out the edges. Up to 30-45% of reserve wines are used in creating this blend that is aged for a minimum of 3 years. The pale salmon-pink color beckons you with a subtle fragrance of spiced apples and hazelnuts. The wine is textured with an assortment of mixed red berries, brown spices, blood orange and smoke. The savory notes are vibrant and fresh with the signature of the terroir in the core

By W Peter Hoyne

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