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2016 Strada al Sasso Chianti Classico
Gran Selezione

The estate covers 2,500 acres of rolling hills, lush green forests and ancient cypress trees with medieval stone buildings dating back hundreds of years. Strada Al Sasso is the flagship wine from this property. It is crafted from single vineyard, single block Sangiovese. This exceptional micro-cru was planted in 1998 and is located in a wind-swept corner of the estate. 

The color is dark with black plums and blueberry.  The nose is lively and aromatic with earth, clove, bay leaf and spice.  The palate reveals an amazing structure with true depth and layers of flavor. This beautifully made Chianti Classico shows blueberry, fresh ground coffee and dark chocolate that is balanced and creamy. The tannins are there and may appear to some as being a little gripping and lingering. The acids make this wine pair with Northern Italian dishes like roasted chicken, tortellini with Bolognese, gamey meats and assorted cheeses such as Asiago and Manchego.

By Perry Miroballi

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