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2017 Domaine des Baumard Quarts de Chaume

Domaines des Baumard continues to be one of the progressive innovators and renowned producers of Quarts de Chaume. Planted on six various sub-soils these vineyards are recognized as the “grand cru” of the Loire Valley. My personal tasting of the Baumard “Qaurts de Chaume” at a Loire Valley venue revealed his wines to be among the most exotic, complex and pure definitions from this region and one that everyone should experience in their lifetime (Wph).

Sometimes, a person gets to taste a wine that not only surprises, but also enraptures. This is quite possibly that wine. Pushing the envelope of the taste profile of Chenin Blanc, this wine received rave reviews from our tasters for its amazing fruit components. “Lemon Chiffon Dessert”, “Lemon Tart”, “Lemon Custard Pie”, “Honey”, “Very Long Finish”, “Peach Pie”, “Really Ripe Peach/Apricot”, and “Best I’ve Had”! I believe that if you happen to see this wine on a retail shelf, you would be depriving yourself of a great pleasure if you didn’t pick up at least one bottle and put it in your shopping cart!

Color: Gold tints with Pale Yellow highlights.

Aromatics: Intense Citrus and Stone Fruit aromas abound; honey, lemon pastries.

Taste Profile: Excellent balance between honey sweetness and lemon tartness. Lengthy finish, with intense lemon/peach/apricot flavors. Not cloying, fresh, bright fruit; reminiscent of a freshly baked peach/apricot pie.

Food Pairings: Lean toward the dessert course. Lemon bars, stone fruit tarts or pies, or lemon custard.

By Don Clemens

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