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2018 Domaine des Baumard Savennieres

While the vineyards have existed in the Baumard family since 1635, the reputation of Domaine des Baumard began when Jean Baumard acquired the property in 1955. His early background included the study of enology in Dijon and Bordeaux, later becoming a professor of viticulture and enology in Angers. Jean expanded the acquisition of vineyards in Anjou with 15 acres of land in Quarts de Chaume in 1957, followed by 37 acres in Savennieres. He would end up cultivating vineyards on both sides of the Loire. His wines from Savenneres and Quarts de Chaume would become the benchmark of the region. Florent Baumard joined the family business in 1987.

Classic: aromas of citrus, flint, and oak. This well-made Chenin Blanc is full-bodied, bone dry, and richly flavored. The underlying citrus notes are reminiscent of Ruby Grapefruit, sweet citrus, not aggressive like lemon might be. Palate-coating, with a medium-long finish, this wine is a “delight”. Some apparent minerality coming from the deep slate-infused soils of the Savennières AOP.

Color: Pale yellow-gold, with some greenish highlights.

Aromatics: Citrus and flint, with gentle oak barrel highlights.

Taste Profile: Long finish, underlying beautiful citrus and peach/apricot notes. Balance and minerality run throughout.

Food Pairings: This wine deserves well-made food, such as shellfish, oysters, lobster, crab, or freshwater fish.

By Don Clemens

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