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2018 Domaine Galuval "Les Collines" Rasteau

Nestled between Cairanne and Rasteau in the Provencale hinterland, Galuval covers 121.1 acres in various parcels that include some of the very best terroir around Mont Ventabren along with some of the oldest vines in the region. The diversity of terroir and topography is used to its fullest advantage: marl, clay and the famous pebbles of the Rhône valley make for a broad pallet of vineyards. Galuval has a long pedigree of well-regarded wines. Emmanuel Couzi's philosophy is about fruit balance. Their exceptional winemaking leaves the fruit to do all the talking. Low intervention and perfect growing conditions combined with careful parcel selection and judicious aging result in thoroughly modern wines that are true to the individual character. These are wines that suit wine-lovers looking for a new discovery, distinction in varietal and terroir. These nuances from the Southern Rhone Valle come at an extremely affordable price.

The blend of 55% Mourvèdre, 30% Grenache Noir, and 15% Syrah gives the wine its distinctive character. In the glass this opulent wine shows color that is gleaming purple – red. In the glass the nose is highly aromatic, revealing dark ripe fruit, blackberry, spicy aromas and superb concentration. The powerful tannins are tempered by the smoothness of the Grenache and the silkiness of the Syrah. The wine is full bodied, with a delicious mouthfeel and toasted finish, likely due to the addition of Mourvèdre and the use of oak barrels. This wine possesses great finesse and represents another stunning value! I can see this wine served with a robust dish such as grilled pork or lamb chops with black olives and roasted potatoes.

By Perry Miroballi

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