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2019 Chateau de Targe Les Fresnettes Saumur Blanc

Château de Targé clings to Saumur’s première côte, with the river and the flood plain sitting below, the vine-carpeted limestone expanse above and behind. There is an attractive château, imposing in itself although modest compared to the sort of one might find in Bordeaux..

Interestingly, this seemingly conventional facade hides a fascinating story. The history of this château involves a series of French statesmen, as it has been passed from the hands of one influential politician to the next. The name Targé gives some clue to this, as do the names of the current proprietor, Edourad Pisani-Ferry. Upon researching the history of the chateau, this may be the only château where a former proprietor, was a member of the French Resistance during World War II and has been immortalized in film. This is just one of many interesting and notable moments in the tale of Château de Targé.

In the glass this lovely Chenin Blanc reveals a color of light straw that is clear. The aromas are topical with subtle notes of pineapple, honey, green apple, and elements of minerality. What I find very pleasant about this wine is that the aromas continue through out the palate. They are coupled with well-balanced and persistent acidity. The finish is long, fresh and mouthwatering. Delicious! Serve with a cheese platter, and Mediterranean dishes of fish or chicken.

By Perry Miroballi

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