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Muga Rosé

Juan Muga’s grandfather produced their first rose´. Juan describes the Muga rose´ as “very fruity and a super friendly wine. It is a way to introduce young people to red wine. It helps young people continue into reds. The Muga rose´ seems to sell best in the cold countries of Canada and the UK, as they prefer something fresh in the warm months.”

In many ways this wine reminds me of a classically-styled Provencal rosé, yet it is distinct, because the red grapes of Garnacha and Tempranillo are blended together with white grapes of Viura. A vibrant pale pink color leads to seductive aromas of wild strawberries and stone fruits. The expansive palate is slightly creamy as it opens with freshly picked red berries, white peach skins and tropical fruits. There is a hint of minerality and delicate acidity, which lends balance to the wine.

While the winery suggests this rosé complements seafood and pasta, I found it to be an adventurous wine with a definite gastronomic demeanor. In other words, it will find harmony with any food on almost any occasion. Why wait for summer and start savoring a glass this evening.

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