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2020 Gary Farrell Westside Farms Chardonnay

After working at Saintsbury Winery in Carneros and Joseph Phelps Freestone vineyards, Theresa Heredia became winemaker at Gary Farrell in 2012. Heredia had been fascinated with Burgundy since her early doctorate training in chemistry. She became well acquainted with the cool ocean influences within the Russian River Valley AVA and how they affect the ripeness and maturity of flavors in wines.

The beautiful pale appearance beckons you to explore the interior of this wine. Winemaker Theresa Heredia showcases her talents in crafting a Chardonnay that resembles a Cote d’Or-like white from Burgundy, France. The mid-palate evolves with high pitched notes of pineapple, bright lemon citrus and salinity. Stone fruits abound and gracefully add to the overall freshness and balance of this wine.

By W Peter Hoyne

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