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2020 Loosen Dr. L Riesling

Since the 1800’s, the Loosen family has been producing Riesling from the slate and red volcanic soils of the Mosel Valley in Germany. Ernst Loosen acquired ownership in 1988 intent on elevating the quality and recognition of the Riesling grape. Year in and year out Erni Loosen produces exemplary Rieslings and single vineyard wines from the Middle Mosel region.

This is a modestly priced, introductory Riesling that reveals the true potential of Dr. Loosen wines. This non-estate Riesling invites you inside with aromas of Bosc pear, Fuji apples and a hint of almond. Within the delicate core is a touch of sweetness and an abundance of white flowered fruits. There is a fine mineral edge at the finish that is intertwined with acidity. This light bodied Riesling has purity and freshness throughout leaving your palate refreshed after each sip. This wine will make you embrace Rieslings and perhaps ignore other white wines.
By W. Peter Hoyne

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