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2021 Dutton Estate Dutton Palms Dutton Ranch RRV Chardonnay

Dutton Estate Winery was founded by Joe and Tracy Dutton in 1995. This forward thinking family has six generations of family members utilizing the Wente clone Chardonnay in Russian River Valley. The Dutton Palms Ranch was the original site for Joe and Tracy’s home.

This Chardonnay starts out with a chalky style and great glycerin. It is a basket of fruits and flowers with great acidity, which balances all the fruit. Generous amounts of Asian pear, cinnamon apples and floral orange rinds emerge from the glass. There is a nice use of oak, which makes the flavors bigger than the nose! It finishes with silky buttercream. 100% barrel fermented as well as 100% malolactic fermentation.

By Joe Dimmagio

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