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2021 J Rochioli River Block Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Tom focused his talents on crafting high quality Chardonnay. “When I started making Chardonnay, I was hanging around Steve Kistler (of Kistler Vineyards fame). He taught me the traditional method. It’s exactly what Burgundy is doing. Barrel fermenting, full malolactic fermentation, and backing off on new oak. Steve Kistler got me on the right direction before I went to Burgundy.” In fact, Tom is still trying to keep the original plantings of the 1972 Little Hill Chardonnay alive.

Tom envisions the future of Rochioli, “I just want to make the best. I want to have the opportunity to make the best wine and have people enjoy it…”

The pale yellow color reveals aromas of peach blossom and pressed lilacs. Inside the core is a swath of lemongrass, carnalized citrus and a hint of vanilla bean. In the background there is an undercurrent of fine minerality and crushed stones. This delicious Chardonnay is all about texture hitting all points on your palate before continuing to a vibrant, lasting finish. It has the fingerprint of a well designed Corton-Charlemagne.

By W Peter Hoyne

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