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2021 Pietradolce Etna Rosato DOC

Pietradolce was founded in 2005 by the Michele and Mario Faro. It is set in Solicchiata, a village in and around Castiglione di Sicilia in the Provence of Catania on the Northeast slopes of Etna. They have chosen to plant only vines which are native to Etna, grown for the most part in the traditional form as bushes (albarello). This preference comes from their profound conviction that this is what is required by the land, which offers them a welcoming opportunity to make great and distinctive wines. The native Sicilian varietals Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Carricante are the main grapes they use to tell their story.

On my trip to the island of Sicily in the Fall of 2018, I visited several wineries in the vicinity of Mt Etna. I found the wines to be very distinctive with mostly native grapes. Winemaking in Sicily has come a long way in the past 20 years. Previously they were mostly sold as bulk wine. The wines of Sicily captivated me and ignited my senses, revealing wines with style and flavors that I believe put many of them up against any fine wines of the world.

The Pietradolce Etna Rosato – 2012 is one of those wines. It was simply delizioso! The color shows a beautiful soft pink. In the glass this wine is very aromatic with lovely flowers, herbal, tangy red fruit, and minerality that is distinctive and clean. This appears to be the signature style of wines from Etna. You can almost smell the minerals from the volcanic soil. This wine is energetic, with a creamy texture and great length. It just kept on luring me in for more.

By Perry Miroballi

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