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2023 Klinker Brick Grenache Blanc, Lodi

Deeply committed to preserving the family’s ancient vineyards, Steve Felten founded Klinker Brick Winery in 2000 and is succeeded by daughter Farrah in ownership. An extension of the family is head winemaker Joseph Smith. Originally from Belize, Joe fell in love with wine after working crush in California in the early nineties. He has had a hand in every vintage of Klinker Brick, masterfully highlighting subtle terroir nuances and taming the robust fruit flavors indicative of the region with acidity and balance. The wines from Klinker Brick represent some of the best values from California. The wines have been consistently well made, easy to drink and delicious. The white wines from Klinker Brick are fresh, crisp, light bodied, easy to drink and paired well with a mix of chicken and fish dishes.

This vibrant, light bodied white is found mostly in Northern Rhone blends from France. The color is a pale yellow with aromas of lemon zest, green apple and mineral notes that pave the way to a hint of sea salt from the Pacific Ocean. The palate is crisp, clean, fresh and slightly tangy with a chalky texture. The flavors zip harmoniously through the palate leading to a smooth mouthwatering finish. Pair the Klinker Brick Grenache Blanc with a rich, fatty fish or grilled chicken with mixed vegetables.

By Perry Miroballi

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