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Champagne Krug
Vintage 2006

Visionary Joseph Krug established this brand in 1843.  House director Olivier Krug is a sixth-generation family member dedicated to maintaining the uncompromising quality of this renowned house. Seamlessly crafted, as are all Champagnes from this house, Krug is consistently placed at the forefront of French Champagnes.


This elite cuvee is the ultimate expression from a given vintage. It is aged over ten years in the Krug cellars. Behind the very fine mousse are notes of freshly baked piecrust that welcome you into this cerebral experience. Quickly you are pulled into the depths of an exotic core of crushed citron, lanolin, Mandarin orange and roasted walnuts.  This Champagne has weight and texture melded together with minerality. The tension runs pure and fresh from front to back, lingering for minutes.

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