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Louis Roederer Champagne Collection 242

Originally designated Louis Roederer Brut Premier, the Collection 242 multi-vintage bottling is the beginning of a new era and a “worthy successor” to this wine. The Collection 242 is crafted from a Perpetual Reserve and oak-aged reserve wines, complemented by the finest wines from the most recent harvest. They describe it as “an evolution in structure, form and style.
The start of a new chapter in the story of our Champagne House.” Collection 242 represents the 242nd blend from Champagne Louis Roederer since it was founded in 1776.

True to its form, this wine is quite a departure from its predecessor. The Collection 242 has a more opulent expression with a wealth of brioche aromas and roasted nuts. The middle showcases layers with fresh Fuji Apples, dried pears and a hint of crushed minerality. The textures are elegant and finesse driven leading to an incredibly well-balanced finish. Congratulations to the team at Champagne Louis Roederer for raising the bar once again for the industry.

By W Peter Hoyne

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