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Louis Roederer Collection 244

Chef du Cave, Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon was instrumental in crafting this multi-vintage blend from the house of Champagne Louis Roederer in response to the evolving climate change. Originally designated Louis Roederer Brut Premier, the Collection 244 is a multi-vintage blend that was initiated two years ago. The Collection 244 is crafted from a Perpetual Reserve and oak-aged reserve wines, complemented by the finest wines from the 2019 harvest, aged for four years in the cellar. They describe it as “an evolution in structure, form and style. “ Roederer’s historical origins are represented in this blend of 1/3 from the "La Rivière" Estate, 1/3 from the "La Montagne" Estate and 1/3 from the "La Côte" Estate. This Champagne displays the true pedigree that made the house of Champagne Louis Roederer famous.

This style of Champagne is immediately appealing to most consumers. The delicate yellow shadow has a fine persistent mousse. It showcases aromas that are fresh and reminiscent of a French patisserie in the early morning. Within are elements of caramelized citron, white tangerine, honeycomb and a subtle layer of minerality in the background. Everything coalesces into a bright and finely balanced finish.

By W Peter Hoyne

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