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Michael David Winery
2018 Petite Petit
2018 Freakshow Red

2018 Petite Petit: This dynamic wine is one of the many pleasurable offerings produced by Michael David Winery. The Petite-Petit is intensely opaque and inviting from the starting gate. Given its high percentage of ripe, viscous, in your face Petite Sirah it may leave you breathless. The wine permeates every taste bud with juicy layers of mulberry, blackberry liqueur and fruitcake spices drizzled with dark fudge. The mid-palate is velvety and richly complex with supple tannins that lead you to a serious finish. If you are looking for a way to start and end your week, this wine will take you far beyond those borders. This red blend is a joy to consume without an occasion.

2018 Freakshow Red: After your first sip you will understand why this remains the number one selling wine from Michael David Winery. This playful red blend has some serious intentions with a composite of Syrah, Petite Sirah and Souzao, a Portugese grape known for its ripeness. The core is ultra-concentrated with a compote of fresh black orchard fruits and crushed dried flowers textured with dark roasted espresso. It has just enough acidity to keep everything in balance and fun.

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