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Moet & Chandon Champagne Imperial Brut

Moet & Chandon is comprised of nearly 2,940 acres of vineyards planted in rich limestone soils, of which 50% is classed as Grand Cru and 25% is Premier Cru. This property makes up the largest vineyard area in all of Champagne. The varietals in this cuvee are 20-30% Chardonnay, 30-40% Pinot Noir and 30-40% Pinot Meunier, This signature blend is a composite blend of 200 crus.

After tasting the recent release at a comprehensive Champagne tasting, I can attest that the Moet style is even more refined, sophisticated and elegant in character. The mousse was persistent with delicate bubbles. The nose revealed hints of pastry, which were immediately followed by elements of spiced pear and baked apple pie. Behind the forward fruit personality of this Champagne, there was a dusting of light chalk and enough complexity to make this long in the mouth and immediately enjoyable.

By W Peter Hoyne

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